AROWBftp Python 3

AROWBftp V 2.0.0 is now available based on Python 3.6. Executables can be downloaded here. For purchasers of AROW Data Diodes, the source code can be obtained by   contacting

Synerex represents Somerdata in Korea

Somerdata is delighted to announce the appointment of new representation for Cybersecurity products in the Republic of Korea. Synerex Inc, an established supplier of security products based in Seoul,  is now able to offer Sales and Support for Somerdata’s AROW… Continue Reading →

Choosing the right E1 splitter

When you need to duplicate a unidirectional  E1 data stream, to intercept, provide redundancy or just  monitoring for signal integrity purposes, it’s important to know your options. Unlike some communications signals the E1/T1 physical form is very specific and can… Continue Reading →

We have moved

Please note from 19th July 2017 our new address is Somerdata Ltd The Old Weighbridge Underwood Business park Wells BA5 1AF Telephone Number:01179634050 now available Contact us by email,

Windows Updates across AROW (WSUS)

In order to keep Windows clients updated on your disconnected network you need to connect to the Windows update service.  Clearly with your network protected  by AROW, this is not an option.  Hopefully your normal practice is to control your… Continue Reading →

Using AROW with Rsyslog

Domain boundary protection can be a problem for sysadmins who need to collate information from multiple sources. The utility rsyslog is often used to enable the system logs from multiple sources to be sent to a single admin monitor. The… Continue Reading →

AROW Data Diode- Prevent Network Data Theft

Somerdata’s AROW Optical Wormhole Data Diode  is available for all commercial customers as well as at the top level of security classification. AROW is available in 3 options, as an entry level single channel, an enterprise  level dual channel version… Continue Reading →

UDP Tunelling through Data Diodes

If you have multiple UDP streams of data, perhaps video cctv, audio, low-latency data or a mix, how do you send these through a single data diode? The AROW data diode is natively TCP so we can explore some of… Continue Reading →

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