Communications recording and interception

SomerData provides a range of capture, switching and conversion products from E1/PRI to OC-12.

From our simplest data splitters to the sophisticated gateway products that allow real-time comms to interface to Ethernet, we have products to suit all requirements and budgets.

All our communications products are designed and manufactured by us in Bristol in the United Kingdom.R2D4 Communications Card

 R2D4 STM/LVDS Data Capture Card 


 E1UC Switch

 E1 over USB – Portable Data Capture


OC3/C12 Active Optical Splitter/Duplicator

E1SS-2040 – Active E1/PRI Digital Splitter

E1DT – E1 Tap/Splitter/Buffer



 E1SS-8040 – E1/PRI Digital Router

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