E1SS1080E1SS-1080 creates eight identical outputs from a single E1/PRI bitstream.

The source stream connection is made through two BNC connectors that are hard-wired in parallel and the originalbitstream passes-through the Splitter without any in-line circuitry or delay.

Monitoring, recording and other equipment can be connected or disconnected at the outputs without disturbing thesource bitstream, even when the Splitter is unpowered.

Applications include DAB/DMB  ETI duplication for monitoring, backup PRI line duplication, re-buffering G.703 signals  and parallel E1/PRI interception processing.

The unit is AC powered and supplied in a 1U rackmount case.

E1SS-1080 is part of the E1SS product range, which also includes a programmable Router for E1/PRI distribution, monitoring and recording applications.

E1SS-1080 Data Sheet