E1SS-2040 creates two  identical pairs of  outputs from a single pair of  E1 bitstreams.

The source stream connection is made through two BNC connectors that are hard-wired in parallel and the original bitstreams are routed through the Splitter without any in-line circuitry or delay.  Streams to be monitored are tapped off, buffered and re-constituted to form copies of the orignals on two identical pairs of BNC connectors.

Monitoring, recording and other equipment can be connected or disconnected at the outputs without disturbing the source bitstream, even when the Splitter is unpowered.

The unit is AC powered and supplied in a 1U rackmount case.

E1SS-2040 is part of the E1SS product range, which also includes a programmable Router for E1/PRI distribution, monitoring and recording applications.


E1SS-2040 Data Sheet