E1UC is  ideal for  the portable acquisition and control of E1 Telecomm and Broadcast DAB  ETI data streams for infrastructure management and monitoring in one neat package..

The unit features 4 bi-directional E1 ports that can be switched in any combination, and a grooming port to enable timeslots to be extracted from any of the 4 data ports and routed to a single port for further analysis.


Uniquely, E1UC allows real-time capture and storing of E1 data streams to a host pc via the high speed USB 2.0 data port.  Full-rate data from up to 4 streams can simultaneously be recorded to disk or streamed to analysis applications. The USB interface can also be used to perform drop and insert and store/forward operations with a minimum of latency.

Non-volatile storage of set-up allows set-and-forget control from a laptop or handheld device.

Software applications are available for for crosspoint switching, routing, lawful intercept recording, DAB ETI Ensemble  monitoring and capture,  and  timeslot grooming and a developer API for .NET is also available., enabling custom applications to be created.

Housed in a smart, high impact resistant case, E1UC measures just 170 x 60 x 30 mm making it ideally suited to field and fast deployment applications with a standard pc laptop.

Typical applications: Switching back-up streams, permanent or temporary re-routing, parallel routing and recording, multiplexing test and creating source streams, lawful intercept grooming, fault back-tracing, DAB ETI  broadcast monitoring and ensemble identification, switching and routing

E1UC Block Diagram

E1UC Block Diagram


E1UC PowerPoint Presentation

Click here for a full data sheet and application examples E1UCDataSheet

and here for some applications information

and here for the Software manual E1UC Software Manual

Also supplied with E1UC is a comprehensive off-line file reader and editor to allow dubbing, timeslot extraction and format conversion from captured files. This stand-alone application runs on all Windows PC platforms and  can be downloaded from here.

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