SomerData’s  Affordable Reliable Optical Wormhole data loss and exfiltration-prevention device. 

AROW Data Diode

AROW is a Unidirectional Router, also sometimes known as a Data Diode due to its ability to entirely block network traffic in one direction. 

While Data Diodes have been around  a long time, they sometimes have been regarded as a slow and unreliable. Very often,  data could be lost in the process of sending and receiving and as a result users on the receiver side have had incomplete or missing data.

Somerdata has taken its expertise in intelligence and security solutions,  to create a third generation device which is  faster, highly  reliable, and  which allows receiving of data in the same structure as it was sent, preventing  data loss.

Why would you need AROW? 

AROW Advanced Reliable Optical Wormhole can protect governmental and commercial organisations against people who they might not  suspect as potential threats to their valuable data.

Two of  the biggest threats for organisations,  governments and corporations in network and data systems are internal sabotage or accidental exfiltration by  employees who have easy access to vital data. 

While firewalls can be effective, they can be circumvented by determined attackers, poorly-trained employees or internal malcontents.

AROW is not a substitute for a firewall, it is an additional layer of protection against data theft and cyber attacks.

AROW is extremely effective in providing controlled access between high-security and low-security networks, in process control environments to allow only authorised status information to be accessed. AROW is also effective against trojans and phishing attacks  aimed at stealthy data theft since there is no physical path for data to leave the network.

Designed to EAL standards, this Data Diode meets the most stringent of security requirements. AROW_Data_Sheet

Guard your organisation from  cyber attacks and sabotage. 

AROW is available in 3 options of 2 variants, optimised for streaming or file transfer:

  • An entry level single channel
  • An enterprise level dual-channel *
  • A high security level fully-redundant 

All versions feature single-direction isolating GBE performance, Copper and Fibre TCP/UDP over IP connectivity and high quality construction.

AROW is optimised for file transfer over TCP  and can be used in conjunction with software filters and  or with the supplied AROWBftp software.  This open-source Python code allows automatic management of file transfers, TCP and UDP  stream data, web-site transmission etc and can be easily audited, extended or customised to your specific needs. Customisation can be done  either by us or your own developers or system administrators.

AROW can be also used as a direct connection for existing TCP/UDP/Multicast streams utilising the ultra-high speed capability of the dedicated hardware.

AROW is designed and manufactured by us in the UK

* Best value – as little as £6k  per diode.