AROW _ Unprotected Process

Unprotected Process

In a typical highly networked complex industrial process there are many potential access points for data retrieval.

Complex networks are typically put in place to allow all these entities to communicate with each other and systems of pass control, often using passwords and islanded networks are used to ensure that only those with the right access level are granted rights to change or monitor particular areas of activity.

 Networks are prone to cyber attack, disaffected employees can bypass or disable firewall and password protection, and there is the simple operator error mistake.

AROW Process Protection

AROW Process Protection

Today, all critical national infrastructures are controlled by industrial control systems, and such systems should be protected by appropriate high levels of  technology.  In reality,  security of industrial control systems lags behind that applied in the intelligence or military contexts.  AROW provides unprecendented levels of  level of security in the Critical National Infrastructure as well as valuable commercial process protection..  

Insufficent security around critical national infrastructures such as power generation, water and sewerage plants, rail and air networks , provides opportunities for attackers to take control of such networks. In many countries, protection of such infratrustuere is now a major activity with  cyber attacks regarded as real and credible threats.     

AROW is a hardware device that  simply sits  between networks. It incorporates fast Gigabit Ethernet connectivity using TCP/IP and UDP Unicast/Multicast  protocols to fit seamlessly into an existing network.

AROW can be dual-redundant with automatic failover protection providing maximum data integrity in the event of physical or routing failure and separate network monitoring ports for maximum performance and network integrity.  Or for maximum value for money two diodes in one unit. This can work out as little as 5k euros per diode

Developed for maximum security networks,  AROW has been designed to the most stringent standards to ensure data flow can only be one way.

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