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SomerData is a small, international,  specialist company based in the United Kingdom, Bristol  where we develop and manufacture our products. baddieWe develop and sell products in 3 categories Communications


  • Cybersecurity

with special expertise in Communications recording and data  capture, Audio Recording for covert surveillance and network data protection.


New! World’s first store and forward audio recorder over WiFi

New audio Surveillance Module- ORDiO

  • Designed  in the UK.
  • Removable  Micro-SD card supporting capacities up to 16Gb.
  • 2 way Key-fob remote control with haptic feedback.
  • On-board Knowles Acoustics High Sensitivity Microphone.
  • Full historic audit trail with Micro-SD card integrity checking. 
  • Timed recording –  4 independent time and date-based alarms.
  • Real-time live monitoring

Cyber security-everyone needs it.

National Governments  world-wide are becoming aware of  the increasing number and hostility of  cyber attacks from other states and highly-organised criminal organisations .  Cyber attacks on nation states’ infrastructures  are invisible threats for national security.places

Cyber attacks can have a significant impact on critical infrastructures and services. In today’s world critical infrastructures are controlled and monitored by Industrial Control Systems often automated and remotely operated. Protecting such infrastructures from cyber attacks and data theft has become a top priority of all governments.

bankCyber threats to the global banking industry, financial institutions and large corporations are equally important . Every day these organisations  handle massive amount of data across mutiple linked networks. Leaking or loss of  such information has devastating consequences for the organisation and its customers alike.

AROW High reliability Data diode                AROW Optical Wormhole  AROW Data Diode prevents data theft, cyber attack and internal hacking by separating  high security networks from lower security networks.

We work with organisations that protect nations.

SomerData provides its devices and services to governmental security agencies and law enforcement agencies worldwide. gchq police

Our products are used by those agencies in countries around the globe, the United Kingdom, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australasia. world