What to do if you have a problem ?

Firstly, please ensure that you have followed the installation, connection and operation instructions in the appropriate User Guide. Also, check the Troubleshooting section (where appropriate) to eliminate common problems.

Applications, Guides and Hints

We have published a number of articles and guides that may answer your questions. Have a look at these to see if your problem already has an answer.

Getting to Facebook Live from a Protected Network – a guide to setting up a proxy server for challenge-response protocols.

Windows Updates across AROW (WSUS) How to get Windows updates into your protected network.

UDP Tunelling through Data Diodesset up UDP transfers across a TCP diode.

Using AROW with Rsyslog  – monitoring server performance from a protected network

AROW Optical Data Diode Performance how fast is my Diode?


Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

In the first instance, please contact your local supplier for all questions relating to maintenance and repairs. Any unauthorised attempt to open, modify or otherwise repair the product will invalidate the SomerData warranty and may result in the product being left in an irreparable condition.

If you need Support

For warranty, technical and application support issues, you should initially contact your local supplier to check whether your SomerData product is covered by warranty, extended warranty or maintenance contract.

At SomerData, we will make our best efforts to provide prompt and friendly support by phone, fax and e-mail. Diagnosing a problem will require your co-operation and we expect you to provide a detailed description of the problem in the form of a detailed Fault Report.

Support Requests

When contacting SomerData for support, please provide as much information as possible about the problem or issue for which you require assistance.


Please do not return any products without first contacting your local supplier, and obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) Number.  Goods returned without a RMA will be subject to a handling charge and returned unopened.

Software Downloads

Please contact us to download the latest software for AROW.

V2.0.1 February 2019

For more information about Support, return and warranty please view your manual support  page or contact :

info@somerdata.com  or  sales@somerdata.com