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Communications and Cybersecurity Products Stratelo Pty Ltd, 9 Kent Street, Collaroy, 2097 Tel:+61 (0) 418 167 987 –


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Cybersecurity products  Sarab Systems and Safety  ,

Contacts: Tel: +966 11 4005714, e-Mail:


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Cybersecurity Products  – PeelitAB

Contact: Tel: +46 (0)31 44 81 00


Communications and Cybersecurity Products – FindMe Solutions 37 Tannery Lane 05-06, 347790, phone: 67484414 Click here

Communications Products – 3 Tech, d.o.o. Click here


Cybersecurity Products – Synerex Inc #309, Sin-Gwan, Chungmuro-Gwan,2,Toegye-ro 36-gil, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea., Tel +82-2-1566-6795



Cybersecurity Products BoostSales, Alpharetta, Corporate Office
Paul Stephens Phone 404-277-5590

New Distributors

Somerdata welcomes approaches from potential Resellers, Distributors, Developers and System Integrators to offer our products in new markets.

We are also interested in distribution and representation opportunities for related products and technologies where they enhance the range of solutions that Somerdata can offer to its customers.

Somerdata’s Engineering team is happy to discuss co-operative developments and feasibility studies as well as exploring alternative applications for our products.