arow deviceSomerdata’s AROW Optical Wormhole Data Diode  is available for all commercial customers as well as at the top level of security classification.

AROW is available in 3 options, as an entry level single channel, an enterprise  level dual channel version representing best-in-class value for money, and  a high security-level fully-redundant version.

All versions feature single direction isolating GBE performance, Copper and Fiber TCP/IP  connectivity, included o/s independent software and high quality construction.

AROW is a data diode  used to secure networks from data theft,  to allow only authorised status access to secured process control networks and allow high security networks to access low-security data.  Perimeter defence applications and bastion server support prove effective against trojans such as stuxnet since there is no physical path for data to leave the network. Designed for the highest standards, this data diode meets the most stringent of security requirements.

AROW can be used in conjunction with software filters or as stand-alone and integrates seamlessly into existing GBE networks.

AROW can be used as a direct connection for existing TCP/UDP/Multicast streams, or with the supplied AROWBftp scripted software. This open source Python code allows the automatic management of file transfers, tcp stream data, web-site transmission etc and can be easily audited, extended or customised to your specific needs, either by us or your own software developers or  system adminstrators.

Contact us for Manuals, demo software etc.

We now have an emulator that lets you try the software without the need for a full AROW box. if you would like a copy, please contact

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