Somerdata has added to its range of miniature covert audio recorders with the release of 3 new  models. Each incorporates 16-bit  codec technology for higher quality recording and increased dynamic range but maintains low power consumption for extended operational action.


Model SSAS-A9 Plus SSAS-A9 Data sheet has even longer single charge recording time, up to 210 hours and also has an integrated fast USB 2.0 interface for speedy downloads and local replay for review monitoring.

Model SSAS-U49 SSAS-U49 Data sheetis a unique directional recorder that includes multi-microphone noise cancelling technology for unbeatable performance including a recording  range up to 15 m from the target!.  Noise cancelling also contributes to the very wide dynamic range of this recorder, up to 80 dBm.

SSAS U49 compared to pencil