S1DevKitSmallerDevelopment kit for S1 module.
• S1 Module, 1GB capacity
Power Supply
Power supply regulation for Modules and low voltage cutoff.
o Power supply status indication LED
o Test points for checking power supply status
• Control Connection Block
o Status LED and Remote Switch signal access
o Buffered Signals to protect the Modules and provide extra power for the LED output
o 3V power source and ground connection available for powering an external controlling devices (Max 50mA draw)
• Professional Knowles microphone Pre amplifier
o Adjustable microphone gain with anti-alias filter
o Design schematic and explanation of components used provided to help you understand what is involved in designing your own pre-amplifier

o Enhanced management and debug software
o Comprehensive instructions and examples
o Audio editing software (3rd Party)
o Spice modeling software (3rd Party)
Please note – all 3rd party software and links to trial software are provided as a courtesy without warranty or support from Somerdata.    Individual licence conditions apply in all cases.

SSAS Module Data sheet (pdf)