Multichannel Splitters

E1 Splitters create identical multiple unidirectional  bitstreams from a single source. Used for back-up, multi-stream parallel processing and interception/storage. These are G.703 BNC connected repeaters, utilising fully specified Line Interface Units to ensure maximum signal integrity. For a discussion on splitter selection see this post. For bi-directional, RJ-48 connections, Timeslot Grooming   and Programmable multi-channel Matrix switching, see our E1UC section.

E1SS-1080 /E1SS 1040 – E1/PRI Digital Splitter

E1SS-1080 creates eight unidirectional identical outputs from a single E1 bitstream.

E1SS-1040 creates four unidirectional identical outputs from a single E1 bitstream.

E1SS-2040 has two channels to create four unidirectional identical outputs from 2 E1 Bitstreams

E1SS-4020 has four channels to create two unidirectional identical outputs from 4 E1 Bitstreams

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E1SS-2040 – Active E1/PRI Digital Splitter

E1SS-2040 creates identical sets of four outputs for each of a pair of  E1 bitstreams and includes passive bypass that provides uninterruptible signal flow. Use to create backup, intercept or alternative path streams for transmission or storage.

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E1SS-4020 – Active E1/PRI Digital Splitter

E1SS-4020 creates two  identical sets of outputs for each of two pairs of  E1 bitstreams. Use to create mutiple copies of E1 streams. N.B. E1SS-4020 has  passive bypass only on one stream.

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Single Channel Splitters

E1DT E1 Active Data Tap/Buffer

provides a means of monitoring and capturing traffic flowing in both directions of a 2Mbits/s E1/PRI (G.703/G.704) communications link.

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