E1DT E1 Active Data Tap/Buffer provides a means of monitoring and capturing traffic flowing in both directions of a 2Mbits/s E1/PRI (G.703/G.704) communications link.

The line connections are made through two RJ-45 connectors that are hard-wired in parallel. All line activity is passed-through the Data Tap/Buffer. Monitoring and recording equipment can be connected or disconnected without disturbing the line.

Line signals are split and fed into high-impedance buffers that load the line signals by less than 0.1dB. Low-impedance outputs allow the monitoring equipment to be located up to 50m away from the line connection.

The design ensures that there is no interruption of the line signals when the Splitter/Buffer is unpowered. All connections are transformer coupled for line isolation.

LED indicators are provided for power and signal presence at each monitor output connector.

E1DT operates from +6v to +12V DC power. UK and European AC power adapters are available as options.

Three versions are available as follows:

  • E1DT-ASSY-0058 provides the monitor outputs on a single RJ-45 connector (pins 1/2 and 4/5) for use with devices that monitor both Tx and RX on the same input connector.
  • E1DT-ASSY-0059 provides the monitor outputs on two RJ-45 connectors (pins 1 & 2) for use with devices that monitor Tx and RX on two input connectors, including the SomerData E1/PRI Data Capture Card.
  • E1DT-ASSY-0060 provides the monitor outputs on two RJ-45 connectors (pins 1 & 2) as duplicates and can therefore be used as a simple splitter.
  • Please note the units are NOT intended for connection to PTT lines where regulatory compliance is required.

E1DT Data Sheet

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