E1SS Splitter

E1SS Series  – E1/PRI Digital Routers and Splitters

The E1SS range of splitters allow E1 PRI signals to be split into 2 or more duplicate streams. All signal processing is done using Line Interface Units designed specifically for E1 signals. This ensures continuing integrity of the signal path, including matched termination and where appropriate, jitter reduction.

The range includes 1:2, 1:4, and 1: 8 . Units are 1U rackmounting with integral ac power supplies and BNC connections.

DAB Splitter

As well as standard E1 signals, these devices can be used to route DAB ETI (G.703/G.704) signals for applications such as multi-path backup and concurrent monitoring.

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Legacy Products -no longer in production

E1 over USB – Portable Data Capture

E1UC Switch E1UC is a compact device from Somerdata aimed at the portable acquisition,  control and monitoring  of E1 Telecomm and Broadcast DAB  ETI data streams for infrastructure management and monitoring in one neat package. NEW for 2017 -DAB ensemble eti monitoring.

The unit features 4 bi-directional E1 RJ-45 ports that can be switched in any combination, and a grooming port to enable timeslots to be extracted from any of the 4 data ports and routed to a single port for further analysis.

Uniquely, E1UC allows real-time capture and storing of E1/G.704/G.703 data streams to a host pc via the high speed USB 2.0 data port.  Full-rate data from up to 4 streams ( up to 120 voice channels) can simultaneously be recorded to disk or streamed to analysis applications.

The USB interface can also be used to perform drop and insert and store/forward operations with a minimum of latency.

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E1UC_Data_Sheet and E1UC Software Manual and some E1UC Applications