E1 over USB Data Switching and Capture

E1UC is a new device from Somerdata aimed at the portable acquisition and control of E1 Telecomm and Broadcast DAB  data streams for infrastructure management and monitoring in one neat package..

The unit features 4 bi-directional E1 ports that can be switched in any combination, and a grooming port to enable timeslots to be extracted from any of the 4 data ports and routed to a single port for further analysis.

Uniquely, E1UC allows real-time capture and storing of E1 data streams to a host pc via the high speed USB2.0 data port.  Full-rate data from up to 4 streams can simultaneously be recorded to disk or streamed to analysis applications. The USB interface can also be used to perform drop and insert and store/forward operations with a minimum of latency.

Non-volatile storage of set-up allows set-and-forget control from a laptop or handheld device.

Software applications are available for for crosspoint switching, routing, lawful intercept recording and  timeslot grooming and a developer API for .NET is also available., enabling custom applications to be created.

Housed in a smart, high impact resistant case, E1UC measures just 170 x 60 x 30 mm making it ideally suited to field and fast deployment applications with a standard pc laptop.

Typical applications: Switching back-up streams, permanent or temporary re-routing, parallel routing and recording, multiplexing test and creating source streams, lawful intercept grooming, fault back-tracing, DAB ETI  broadcast monitoring, switching and routing

E1UC Block Diagram

Click here for a full data sheet and application examples E1UC_Data_Sheet

and here for some applications information and here for the Software manual E1UC Software Manual