E1DTETDT Ethernet Splitter/Buffer provides a means of non-intrusively monitoring and capturing traffic flowing in both directions of a 100MHz LAN connection.

The port connections are made through two RJ-45 connectors that are hard-wired in parallel. All network traffic is passed-through the Splitter/Buffer and monitoring equipment can be connected/disconnected without disturbing network activity.

Ethernet signals are split and fed into a high-impedance buffer that loads the line signals by less than 0.1dB. Low-impedance outputs allow the monitoring equipment to be located up to 50m away from the line connection.

The use of precision op-amp eliminates the distortion and magnetic susceptibility problems associated with transformer coupled adapters.

ETDT operates from +6v to +12V DC power. UK and European AC power adapters are available as options.

ETDT Data Sheet