A31 Audio Recorder

The SS-ASR-A31 is a high capacity covert digital recorder with low power consumption, making it   one of the most compact and effective covert audio recorders available.

Guinness World Record Winner!

The SS-ASR-A31 is the smallest recorder in the world, being 12% smaller than its predecessor the SS-ASR-B21

2GByte – 8GByte flash memory capacity, giving up to 1200 hours continuous recording time

Built-in internal high-sensitivity microphone & rechargeable battery giving 25 hours of continuous recording – no external components. This makes this Recorder even easier to conceal and deploy

Metal casing & solid-state internal components provides a rugged product ideal for harsh environments

It is possible to record by both daily timer and one-off timer.

Recordings are stored as date/time-stamped WAV files, and are retrieved and managed by attaching the unit to a PC via USB and running the supplied software.

To secure recorded data, a password may be set which prevents another user from unauthorised access to content and settings.

Data files are signed and can be checked for auditing and anti-tamper purposes.

A31 Data sheet (pdf)