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E1 over USB – Portable Data Capture

E1UC is a new device from Somerdata aimed at the portable acquisition and control of E1 Telecomm and Broadcast DAB  data streams for infrastructure management and monitoring in one neat package.. The unit features 4 bi-directional E1 ports that can… Continue Reading →

Developing the future of Communications technology

Somerdata Ltd continues to develop original and innovative solutions to the special design problems for communications hardware.  Our UK-based Engineering department produces off-the-shelf  and custom designs for data rates from E1 to OC 12. Splitters,  switches,  routers, recorders and data… Continue Reading →

R2D3 E1/PRI PCI Data Capture Card

R2D3® PCI data capture cards follow our successful R2D2® range of ISA cards first introduced in 1997 for E1 data capture and provide the basis for development of software solutions for real-time signal surveillance, monitoring, recording, archiving, analysis and processing… Continue Reading →

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